DANAMECO offers a fair, professional and dynamic working environment that always welcomes aboard enthusiastic and ambitious candidates.

Human resource is the foundation for sustainable development

Understand the importance of human resources, DANAMECO always focuses on employee skill and knowledge development through training programs both internally and externally, and at the same time spreading the spirit of continuous learning to everyone. At DANAMECO, you are not only have a place to work, but also a good place to start your long-term career.

Dynamic working environment


DANAMECO’s working environment is open and friendly. The company respects and welcomes those who dare to think, dare to do and have ambition to go further in their career.

Attractive salary and transparent policy

Working at DANAMECO doesn’t bring you only monthly salary, you will always be rewarded with good contributions and good work performance.

Collective and effective

Every year, DANAMECO has team building programs to attractive tourist sites, enhancing the spirit of joining, sharing and working together among departments.