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DANAMECO is specialized in the production of bandage and gauze, medical mask, hospital uniform,… and disposable medical products; laundry and disinfection service; and medical logistic services. On November 23rd 2010, DANAMECO listed shares on Hanoi Stock Exchange with the stock code DNM

DANAMECO’s activities comply with current legal standards and international management standards, namely ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016. In fact, to ensure the best output quality, DANAMECO also applies 5S principle and the other standards such as GSP, ISO 14971, ISO 19001, ISO 14001, ISO 10012, and SA 8000 into management.


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DANAMECO's products are factory-made on closed loop manufacturing system, sterilized by EOGAS and packed with environmentally friendly materials, ensuring ISO management system standards.

Export capacity

For more than 40 years, DANAMECO has been one of the Vietnam-based pioneering manufacturer specialized in producing cotton gauze, medical masks, epidemic protective clothing, medical outfits and disposable medical products… The company owns two production plants in Da Nang and Quang Nam with a total area of 40,000m2 and total annual productivity is up to US$ 5M.

DANAMECO products are now presented on top challenging markets, such as the U.S., Japan and Korea.

Strategic Partners

  • Revenue in 2016 226.3 billion VND

  • Capitalization 107.2 billion VND

  • Company Size 462 employees

  • Scale 02 factories

  • Coverage 03 branches

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